WegoWise Friday Links: Home Grown Garden Indoors


Friday is here. . . it’s time for some WegoWise Friday links! At lunch this past week, a few of the WegoWise members were talking about vegetables they buy but never seem to fully use up. You know, a bunch of green scallions, parsley, celery, and all that jazz. Generally, if you’re cooking for yourself or only a few others, it’s easy to have lots of leftover veggies. chances are you’re never going to use all of the bundles of greens you purchase, and it will eventually go to waste. Our team has some neat tricks that will not only help you save some cash but also be a fun mini sustainable project. Check it out below:


1. Scallions: Your days of buying bundles of scallions are over! You can grow scallions within the comfort of your own home now. All you have to do is make sure you tie the bulbs, which are the white part of the scallions that hold the roots together, and place it in a glass of water. Just make sure to fill the water a little more than half of the bulb size. In about a week or so, you will have fresh scallions that you can cut off to garnish your or add to your dish. And if you really want to make the bulbs last long, simply take some soil and pack the soil in a large glass and continuously water it  (be sure that some of the green scallions are still on the bulb). Thank you Tessa for this neat trick!


2. Avocado: Growing an avocado is a bit challenging considering you have to be in the right climate to do so, but it’s obtainable.This could also just be a fun project to do at home; Lily and Catherine tried this out one time in our office and thought it was a fun experience. What you’ll first need is the pit of an avocado. With 4 toothpicks you’ll poke on each side of the avocado creating a plus sign, then grab a glass bowl and fill the bowl until it covers half of the seed and watch as you try to grow an avocado from home.


3. Celery: Celery makes a great snack. It’s even better when cooked into soup or whatever dish your heart desires, but just be sure you do not toss out the celery base, because you can use it to regrow! Take the celery base, rehydrate it by putting it in a bowl filled with water, then after a week, take it out from the bowl and pot it with soil - in a few weeks you’ll fresh celery.


4. Bean sprouts: Sprouting beans at home is so quick and simple. All you have to do buy a bag of beans. For bean sprouts specifically, you would use mung beans. Get a glass bowl,  dump all the beans into the bowl, and fill the bowl with water until the water is about a half an inch above the beans. In about 1 week, you will start to notice your beans sprouting and you’ll be ready to tops these babies in your soup or mixed greens. Yum!


5.Herbs: Parsleys and basils are one of those herbs you use a bit of to enhance the dishes you make or simply use as a garnish. What’s really neat is that you can easily grow these at home, no need for a backyard. For this project, you’ll need a rectangular container, soil, and the herb seeds you want to plant. Simply put soil in the container and pack it tightly, poke your finger into the soil and create holes to put the seeds in, cover the hole up, and be sure to water it.This might take about 2 weeks or longer, but the ends results is your own herb garden sitting right at your windowsill.


So if you try this out, send a picture to us, or post a comment below to let us know how your experience was.

Happy Friday all!

Photo credit: www.bonnieplants.com