WegoWise's Friday Links: 5 Ways Energy Efficiency is Changing the Economy

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Friday is here, and I know you all must be excited to get the weekend started with WegoWise’s Friday links. This week we have decided to show how our economy is changing for the better; thanks to the energy efficiency sector. As time progresses and things change and evolve, we should recognize the energy efficiency industry’s role in shaping our economy. Hundreds and hundreds of companies have worked hard together to meet the United State Department of Energy goals. So, what is the payoff for the public?  


1. Creates Jobs
When the energy efficiency industry grows, it creates more opportunities for fresh college graduates to take a chance at helping to shape the economy. This is an industry where new ideas and innovative change are being created, and who can help better contribute than our nation’s young minds.

2. Economic Growth
Reducing energy use benefits us all because it reduces fluctuations and service disruptions. If you think of it this way, using less of something drives the price down or leaves it at the same price, more usage of it causes it to rise, often rapidly.

3. Energy Security for Other Countries
Many countries lack domestic fossil fuel, not just the USA.  All countries impact global energy supply, and many have answered the call to reduce consumption. Many African nations have made savings a priority, and those savings contribute to growth in areas that lack energy; it’s paying it forward to help others.

4. Saves Money
Project managers, green consultants, building owners, tenants, these are all the people who are saving thanks to the energy efficiency industry. Specifically, tenants are saving on their utility bills, and owners can see how their building(s) are performing.

5. Great Investment
It’s a new industry with high growth prospects, so for those who are interested in investing in new ventures, now is the time. Many businesses know that this industry will grow, now there are more and more start-ups diving into this opportunity with creative software solutions.

There are so many benefits to saving energy. What are your thoughts on this changing industry?


Alas, dear readers, this post is the last from our most recent team member, Tammy Bui, who is heading back to school for the fall semester.  Tammy has been with us here at WegoHQ all summer as a part of the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center's internship program, learning about how WegoWise approaches energy management and getting experience analyzing our outreach efforts.  We're all grateful for the work Tammy's taken on this summer and happy to have been a part of her rise to the top!  

Thanks, Tammy!

Tammy Bui at MassCEC Internship Graduation

Tammy at Mass CEC's internship graduation ceremony with Kevin Doyle from the New England Clean Energy Center.