Water, Water...Everywhere?

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Earth’s water is almost everywhere: the air, underground, oceans, lakes, rivers, and even inside of us. Here in Boston, many of us tend to put water efficiency on the backburner while we worry about other utilities such as gas, oil, and electricity. Although the earth is referred to as the “blue planet” due to its 71% ocean surface, we are indeed limited in the amount of water available for consumption.

source: http://ga.water.usgs.gov/edu/earthwherewater.html

source: http://ga.water.usgs.gov/edu/earthwherewater.html

This picture shows what all of the water in the world would look like if gathered into three spheres:

  1. The largest one being all of the water on the earth (about 860 miles wide)
  2. The middle one near Kentucky being all fresh liquid water in the ground, lakes, swamps and rivers (170 miles wide)
  3. The tiny dot near Georgia being fresh-water lakes and rivers (34.9 miles wide)

It’s clear here why we need to limit our water consumption, especially in the face of a growing population.

What is water tracking and benchmarking?

How can water tracking and benchmarking water help?

The biggest sources of water inefficiency can also yield the fastest paybacks in comparison to other utility upgrades

Once you can identify which buildings or sources are being the least water efficient, here are a few more ways you can reduce your water use:

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