The New Age of Billing: What You Should Know about eBills and Paper Bills

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What is an eBill? 

Short for electronic bills, eBills are an online version of a paper bill that you can view and pay over the Internet. Instead of being delivered through an envelope in your mailbox, eBills get posted onto a personal account you create on the website of any company that might bill you on a regular basis. These could include your bank, credit union, energy utilities, or phone company. Once you sign up for eBilling, most companies give you the option of stopping the paper bill service to eliminate redundancy.



What are the benefits of eBilling over paper bills?

Access to the internet gives users the power to do many things at all times of day and night around the world, and paying your bills is no different. With eBills, you have the ability to view and pay your bills – even if you’re traveling on the other side of the world. Additionally, paying bills online gives you the ability to deliver your dues instantaneously; especially in a time where the U.S. Postal Service is considering stopping all weekend service, eBills could become a much easier and more dependable alternative.

Many people become stressed out in the process of filing archived bills, and we all wonder just how far back we should keep our records. Because many eBills are delivered in a PDF format, you have the ability to save and file all of your bills to a hard drive or upload it to the cloud. Most utility companies will keep an online record of up to24 months of utility bills. This gives you the ability to view and compare costs and payments over time, so you can see what you’ve paid and how it compares. Many electronic billing companies also help you to stay organized by giving users the ability to set up automatic payments for regular charges that will take money out of your account every time a new bill is processed.

Worried about security online? All eBill services require a specific username and password for your account. Think about how that dependability compares to the chances that your envelope gets lost in the mail somewhere. Finally, many families utilize electronic budgeting programs like Mint to balance their finances at home. Most of these softwares allow users to sync their eBill payments with the program to automatically what you’re paying online.

Last but not least, eBilling reduces both waste and costs associated with sending paper though the mail every month. By reducing paper use, you can feel better about how you protect the environment while also stop worrying about how you’re going to dispose of such waste all the time. Furthermore, both utility companies and users save money when they don’t have to purchase stamps or pay for snail mail. If you are part of a company that bills through the mail, check out this website to calculate how much waste, wood, and CO2 you can save through electronic billing.



Don’t forget that even if you choose to switch to eBilling, you have the ability to print anything that might seem important if you need a physical copy. Moreover, many companies now give users the opportunity to make payments online even if they aren’t fully enrolled in eBilling – so why not give it a shot?

Both WegoWise and our clients take part in eBilling. In fact, all of our clients have chosen to be billed electronically. But as a software company, it’s clear why we love this technology. How do you feel about paying bills online?