WegoWise's Friday Links: Top 5 Transportation App

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This Friday, the Wego team is bringing you five of our favorite transportation apps for your smartphone. As city-dwellers, we’re constantly staying updated with the public transportation system or traffic around our commutes. Whether you choose to walk, bike, drive, or take public transportation, there’s an app that can help you navigate more quickly and efficiently.


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1. HopStop: This free app gives directions with public transportation, walking, biking, and taxis in over 600 cities worldwide. You can also get real-time transit alerts and get estimates for calories burned or carbon emissions saved with your route. Their website also provides city guides for attractions around your area. 

2. Cyclemeter: If you are an avid biker, or even if you’re just getting into it, this app helps you to record your time, location, distance, elevation, and speed. It also works if you want to get info for your runs or walks. Share your trips online or export them to your computer. 

3. FlightAware: If you have ever sprinted to catch a flight only to find that it has been delayed - or even worse - already gone, this app is for you. Stay up-to-date on departures, arrivals, gate changes, delays, cancellations, and even an in-bound flight. Who said the airport can’t be fun? 

4. Crowsflight: Walking is healthy, good for the environment, and fun when you want to explore. This app provides walkers with a compass that simply points you in the direction of your destination. Because it only uses only one initial GPS point, you don’t need data to navigate once you’ve loaded your destination. Read up here to learn more.

5. Lyft: If you live in a more rural area or don’t have access to public transportation, save gas and money with this ridesharing app. Drivers who sign up get matched up with passengers looking for a ride who can offer a “donation” for the ride. To protect all users, drivers must be at least 23 years old and are screened with DMV and background checks. Passengers get rated after every ride, and drivers are insured with up to $1M in liability.


Depending on the city you’re in, it’s also common to find a rideshare or transit app specific to your local system (like the MBTA or BART). So if you’re constantly finding yourself missing the train by just a minute, or paying excessive amounts on a taxi, check out what your area has to offer. And of course, if you have any favorites feel free to share them with us and our other readers!