WegoWise's Top 5 Ways to Green your Halloween

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Alright, all you procrastinators out there. Halloween is right around the corner, so it's a little too late to build the Iron Man suit replica you’ve been planning. Time to move to Plan B.  Here at WegoWise, we take Halloween very seriously (HalloWego!).

Read on for some of our ideas on how to make October 31st spook-tacular and a little greener than last year. 

1. Goodwill your costume

Steer clear of the throngs of shoppers at your local Halloween store and head to the thrift store instead. Not only do places like Goodwill have a wide selection of zany outfits, but the more metropolitan stores often have entire sections of secondhand Halloween costumes. So, instead of paying top dollar for a pirate get-up you'll only wear once, save some money and get creative! You'll be supporting a good cause and helping the environment at the same time, since secondhand clothing requires no additional manufacturing. Need some inspiration? Check out this Pinterest board dedicated to Goodwill Halloween ideas. Our favorite? Crazy cat lady.

2. Pumpkins aren't just for carving!

Pumpkins make great jack-o-lanterns, but we wish they lasted just a bit longer! Nothing is more sad than seeing a spookily carved creation start to cave in and brown. What's the solution to getting more mileage out of your pumpkin? First, choose varieties that will be great for both carving and eating. Baking a pie? Choose a sugar pie or Cinderella pumpkin. In it for the seeds? We suggest a Kakai pumpkin, which has husk-less seeds. Warming up with a stew? Try a Red Kuri. Lastly, buy pumpkins from your local farmers market or farm stand and support local agriculture! Don't forget to compost the rest when you're done. 

3. Alternatives to traditional candy

Don't worry-we're not going to suggest handing out celery sticks or boxes of raisins. There are plenty of healthy, organic candy options out there that will still satisfy your trick-or-treaters' sweet tooth. For example, Surf Sweets offers gummies that are 95% organic and GMO-free. If you'd rather go the chocolate route, Equal Exchange sells Dark Chocolate Minis that are 100% fair trade and organic.

4. Decorate with reused or energy efficient material

If you're like us here at WegoWise, you love celebrating with lots of fun lights and decor to get everyone in the mood. If you want to turn your house into a Halloween sanctuary, consider doing so with efficient bulbs, like these LED Halloween string lights. And don't forget to create eco-friendly Halloween decorations to frighten your guests. It's weirdly satisfying to make scarecrows, ghosts and spiders with reusable material you already have around your home. Who wouldn't want to be welcomed by a trash bag tarantula or a milk jug skeleton?

5. Give back

In addition to the time you'll spend at home treating yourself to yummy candy, why not get in the spirit and reach out to help others? If you live near a home for seniors, visit for an afternoon and help to decorate pumpkins. Or, in addition to trick-or-treating for candy, have your kids set aside some time to trick-or-treat for spare change to donate to UNICEF. You can order a free donation box or a print a label and make your own. Easy!

Those are a few of our favorite ways to celebrate Halloween without breaking the bank or hurting Mother Nature. So be sure to do your part in celebrating efficiently, and we'll do the same at our HalloWego party. Don't forget, you can also take the fright out of utility bills by monitoring your energy use with our free home energy benchmarking tool, WegoHome. Happy Green Halloween from the WegoWise team!