Flushing Away Excess Water Usage with Toilet Retrofits

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This Tuesday the United Nations recognized the first ever World Toilet Day. In light of the UN's efforts to bring globally safe and clean toilets to all, here's some of our own research to stimulate dialogue about efficient sanitation and break the taboos surrounding this issue.

Tracking a building's usage not only informs possible retrofit opportunities, but also validates whether the upgrade actually worked. There is little more satisfying to an owner than seeing usage (and costs) plummet after a retrofit:

water usage drop after toilet retrofit

Above is a representative water retrofit for a multifamily building in the WegoWise database. In this case, low flow toilets were installed at the time indicated by the dotted line.

We continually engage with our rich, growing data set in new ways to gain insights. Many such conclusions get incorporated into the intelligence of the WegoWise app, and then some are just plain cute.  Re-plotting the same data in polar coordinates provides a more, well, compelling view of the toilet retrofit: 

a toilet retrofit seen in polar coordinates

With the new toilets, the excess water usage flushes down the drain.

John Rutherford recently joined the Wego team as a data scientist. He received his PhD in astrophysics from MIT, but renounced the life of a rocket scientist to help solve the pressing, more terrestrial issues surrounding climate change. He has already gotten his hands dirty in the Wegowise database, and is excited by the insights that await within it.