Wednesday Roundup: Top 5 Posters for Greener Property Management

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Today, we're bringing you some of our favorite content you can use to encourage your tenants to save energy and water. Greening your tenant activity can often be a challenge, especially if they're not paying for their own utility consumption. Apartments and dormitories across the country have begun taking initiatives to fill their common spaces with fun to read and easy to understand content that will educate and encourage residents to consciously make efforts to reduce consumption. Here are some of our favorite flyers and posters that we've found entertaining and useful.

Tenant Education: Saving Energy and Water from kkneeland


For some more tips on encouraging your tenants to be more water and energy efficient, check out three ways to get started.  

Green Leasing

In addition to educating your tenants once they have established themselves in the building, it can also be beneficial to all parties if you introduce the idea of green living into the first stages of your tenant's experience through a green leaseWhat is a green lease, you might ask? A green lease aligns a manager or owner's financial goals with environmental goals to establish a sustainability mindset from the beginning of a tenant's residency. By clarifying these goals at the start, the property manager lays a foundation for energy, waste, and water efficiency. Read more on how to integrate green leases into your sustaianbility goals here.

We found this green leasing toolkit to be a great visual guide for the steps to think about while integrating it into your sustainability plan.


Here's a great PDF to use as a guide to mapping out your green leasing goals. In addition to saving paper and ink costs, you'll be able to encourage your tenants to make sustainable choices from the begining when you lead by example.

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