Friday Links: the WegoWise Super Bowl XLVIII Roundup

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Whether you want to be a more informed citizen or just want to kill some time before 5 on a Friday afternoon, WegoWise has got you covered. This week we take a look at some Super Bowl XLVIII related links, since we couldn't let the big game pass by without a mention. 

  1. MetLife is making a push to go green by becoming the world's first Certified Green Restaurant stadium and integrating BIPV panels into their signature Solar Ring. 
  2. For those just interested in the ads, here are the seven commercials you need to watch. Plus, Wired has created Super Bowl Ad Bingo just for you and your friends. 
  3. Eager not to repeat last year's power outage debacle, MetLife Stadium is ensuring that the lights will stay on after a successful dry run of the power supply
  4. Heading to New Jersey for the big game? Check out the The New York Times Super Bowl vistors guide.  
  5. Thunder, the Denver Broncos mascot, and Taima, the Seattle Seahawks mascot, are ready for their close-ups.