Friday Links: Successful Water Retrofits

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It's World Water Day tomorrow and we're celebrating with stories of successful water retrofits. 

A New Story From National Housing Trust:

Though National Housing Trust's R Street property had been renovated in 2009, due to rapid improvements in the efficiency of water fixtures, they saw further room for progress and elected to return to the building in 2012 for another round of work. They replaced all showerheads in the building and faucet aerators in all the kitchens and bathrooms, spending around $10,000.

Savings from a water retrofit


NHT has seen as 45% reduction in water use following these measures, an average of $27,000 per year. (Which means these measures paid for themselves in just six months.) Awesome!

45% savings from a water retrofit


Another Great Story: Corcoran Management learned that one of its buildings was using one million more gallons of water per year for it's 75 units than the other identical buildings on the same property. (Then they fixed it.)

A Fun Fact: Polar axes make water-saving retrofits more convincing. "Flushing Away Excess Water Usage- A Toliet Retrofit Case Study" from Data.Wego

And Some (Lots) of Potential Water Savings: How much water would be saved if all multifamily buildings in California performed like the top 25%? We'll tell you here. 

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