Building Energy Disclosure Laws: The WegoWise Guide

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Deadlines for several building energy disclosure laws are right around the corner. April 1 is the deadline for San Francisco, CA and Seattle, WA.  New York City and Cambridge, MA are coming up on May 1, with Boston, MA on May 15. Are you impacted by these compliance laws? This quick reference guide to energy disclosure laws gives you an overview of current policies, deadlines, and fines so you can be prepared (and even sign up for our compliance service).

Building Energy Compliance Laws

Building energy policy is gaining momentum across the country. In 2015, more and more states, cities, and municipalities are requiring government, commercial and multifamily buildings to disclose, rate, and benchmark energy and water usage. For each regional program, there are unique building size and type requirements as well as different disclosure procedures. Read on to see these compliance laws apply to you (sorted alphabetically for your convenience).

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Austin, TX: Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure Ordinance

Boston: Building Energy Reporting and Disclosure Ordinance (2013) 

California: Assembly Bill 1103 (2010)

Chicago, IL: Energy Use Benchmarking Ordinance (2013)

Minneapolis, MN: Commercial Building Rating and Disclosure Ordinance (2013)

New York City: Greener Greater Buildings Plan (2010)

Philadelphia: Bill No. 128420 (2013)

San Francisco: Existing Commercial Buildings Energy Performance Ordinance (2011)

Seattle, WA: Council Bill 116731 (and Ordinance number 123226)

Washington (state): Senate Bill 5854 (2011)

Washington, DC: Clean and Affordable Energy Act (2010)

Many other states, cities, and municipalities have energy benchmarking laws or requirements, including Massachusetts, Vermont, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Westchester County (NY), to name a few. Request a WegoWise demo or visit our online compliance guide for updated deadlines, fines, and requirements. We'll assist with your individual compliance needs and don't fret - compliance can be quick and painless using WegoWise! 

Are you preparing to comply with a local energy-disclosure law? Find out what WegoWise can do for you.