Get tracking with our Spike of the Month series

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As Catherine showed us in her recent blog post, one of the immediate benefits of tracking your water and energy use is catching spikes. We work closely with property owners and managers to catch these sudden increases in cost or usage, so they can address the issue as soon as possible. We've found that whether it's with water, electric, or gas, each spike has a backstory, so we'll share them with you here each month as part of our Spike of the Month series. 

This month, we're highlighting a water spike caught in a Boston-area, low-income building. The building manager, a community development organization interested in increasing the efficiency of their buidings, explains here: 

"In February 2013, we noticed water use had increased by about 60% and discussed it with property management. Maintenance started to check toilets while they were on routine work order visits and found a couple that were leaking. Water bills went down, but not back to their usual levels, so they checked every unit and found two more. Once they stopped leaks in a handful of toilets, water bills returned to normal. The leaks cost the property about $4,000, but they would've sunk the whole budget if we hadn't caught them."

Water spike

Check back next month for a new spike and a new story! 


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