What Is Utility Tracking?

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You can't manage what you don't measure! For this reason, collecting usage and cost data --utility tracking-- is the first step towards getting a hold on water and energy consumption within your portfolio. Keep reading for our definition of tracking, ways to go about it, and reasons why monitoring utility data should be a priority for any property owner or manager.

What is utility tracking?

Utility tracking is the process of recording usage (the physical energy going into a building, such as the amount of electric energy) and cost data for the purpose of gaining a deeper understanding of energy and water performance in your portfolio.

Utility tracking

How does it work?

There are many different options for tracking utility usage, ranging in granularity (and cost) from real time data generated by installed meters to monthly usage and cost data available on your utility bills. If you're just starting to think about consumption in your portfolio, bill data is a perfect place to start. It's low-cost, and will provide the information you need to start making decisions.

Here are a few approaches to collecting and storing usage data from monthly bills:

Why should I track utility consumption?

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