5 Reasons to Consider Grid-Tied Residential Solar

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This is a guest post by Monica Gomez.

Grid-tied solar energy for residential homes is an easy, affordable, and clean way to generate energy from the sun to power a home. While the sun remains a constant figure in the sky, electricity bills seem to rise each year as buying electricity from the local electric company gets more and more expensive. With grid-tied solar energy, consumers pay a fixed rather than variable price for electricity. While this is reason enough to jump on board the solar wagon, here are five other interesting facts about grid-tied photovoltaic (PV) solar energy that you may not know.

1. Grid-tied solar PV system often come with a lengthy warranty, with 25 years being the norm. Twenty-five years is a long time and chances are your solar system will last well beyond that time. This guarantee puts most solar consumers at ease.

2. The initial cost of a PV system can be expensive, but your investment pays off over time. A typical PV system can average a homeowner around $18,000 initially. However, governments often offer incentives to homeowners who purchase clean energy for their homes, particularly grid-tied solar energy, so this may reduce expenses. Also, you’ll need to take into consideration how much sunlight your region receives. For example, a grid-tied PV system in Arizona will generate more solar power than the same system installed in Rhode Island, where winters are often long and gloomy. 

3. Grid-tied PV solar systems can be financedThere are many companies that offer financing for solar installation. Solar City and Sungevity are popular choices because they also offer the homeowner the chance to lease the solar panels, thus locking the consumer in at fixed price for the term of the lease, regardless of the utility companies’ prices. 

4. Grid-tied PV solar systems reduce pollutionWith everybody going green, the demand for solar is ever-increasing. In just four years, the United States alone has seen an increase of 418% in demand for solar power. And for good reason--besides being the cheapest way to save on your electricity bill in the long run, grid-tied residential PV solar systems also help reduce pollution.  The more energy that is created by the sun (and thus, the less that is created by fossil fuels), the cleaner your breathing air becomes.

5. It offers a taste of off-grid livingWhile you are not technically living off the grid with grid-tied PV solar energy, you are living off the sun and are less dependent on the typical electric utility grid. In this situation, you are still linked to the electric grid but not in the same way you were before. Besides, if you ever plan on going completely off-grid, this is a good way to start using solar panels without completely jumping ship. You can always transfer off-grid later.

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