See how CCSM used WegoWise to achieve 26% water and 35% electricity savings

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Community Corporation of Santa Monica (CCSM) is a non-profit organization committed to developing and managing affordable housing in Santa Monica, CA, a beach suburb of Los Angeles. Since 1982, CCSM's mission has been to provide housing to low-income working families and individuals. CCSM manages and has developed almost 100 projects with nearly 1700 units in the city of Santa Monica. Utilities are a significant operating cost, totaling over $1.1 million annually.

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We spoke with John Mimms, Project Manager for all of CCSM's energy efficiency work, about how he and his team have used WegoWise over the past few years to prioritize improvements, track the success of retrofits and upgrades, secure funding for future work, and achieve impressive savings: notably, 35% on electricity and 26% on water for two specific projects!

See our latest case study for more details about how CCSM has harnessed the power of automated utility data with WegoWise. It's now available at!

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 "[With WegoWise] we're able to integrate utility usage and cost data into the full planning process and track ongoing results, which has allowed us to secure funding for new projects and propose the retrofits we know will be most effective." 
- John Mimms, Project Manager, CCSM

If you'd like to see what our other clients are doing to improve track utility use, reduce costs, implement sustainability initiatives, and and ultimately improve asset value with WegoWise, visit our full library of case studies!

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