Benchmark CT offers free energy benchmarking for multifamily building owners

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Did you know that more than 33% of all energy consumed in the state of Connecticut comes from the residential sector?

Multifamily buildings use more energy per square foot than single family homes, meaning building owners have higher costs, but even bigger opportunities to save from implementing energy-saving upgrades. So, how can you pinpoint where to spend precious capital improvement dollars or measure the ROI of retrofits? Energy and water benchmarking is one of the best places to start.

Benchmark CT can help
We’re excited to announce the launch of Benchmark CT, a free program for multifamily housing owners to improve the energy performance of their buildings! WegoWise, in partnership with the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) and Connecticut Green Bank (CGB), will benchmark over 1,600 buildings and guide building owners through an analysis to identify opportunities to reduce energy costs.

“Multifamily property owners have an incredible cost savings tool at their fingertips with Benchmark CT,” added Bryan Garcia, President and CEO of CGB. “Not only will owners be able to see opportunities for significant energy savings, the program can put them on a clear path to actionable next steps, including additional technical assistance and low interest financing. By revealing ways to increase cash flow from savings, multifamily building owners are more empowered than ever to help lower tenants’ energy cost burden — especially those from low-to-moderate income households.”

What’s benchmarking?
How does your portfolio’s utility performance stack up against others with similar characteristics? Benchmarking is a method of measuring the energy and water consumption of your building, and comparing it against its peers. Through benchmarking, you can:

Can my buildings participate?
Multifamily buildings of 5 or more units in Connecticut are eligible to enroll in Benchmark CT.

How do I enroll?
After you provide basic information about your buildings and utility accounts, we take care of the rest! WegoWise downloads energy and water use data directly from your utility company and presents the data so you can easily see trends and patterns in usage.

Once your properties are enrolled in the program, a dedicated energy analyst will use your building performance data to guide you toward improving your portfolio’s energy efficiency. The result? An automated process that arms you with the data you need to save time and money.

Ready to reduce utility costs and improve NOI? Learn more about the program and sign up at! 

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