National CORE relies on WegoWise to meet water conservation goals

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National CORE, a major California-based non-profit developer with properties in California, Texas, Arkansas, and Florida, believes in transforming lives and communities through more affordable, higher-quality housing for families and seniors. As part of their ongoing commitment to transform lives, the organization has made reducing energy and water use a priority.

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With the ongoing California drought and a 25% statewide water reduction mandate from Governor Jerry Brown, saving water and eliminating inefficiencies are key aspects of National CORE’s focus this year.

We spoke with Cliff Sherwood, Director of Capital Improvements at National CORE, and his team to learn how they’re using WegoWise to find opportunities for real improvements in their portfolio. Since implementing WegoWise, they’ve seen water savings of 19% in the tracked properties, with one building yielding an an incredible water savings of 52%.

Learn more about how WegoWise is helping National CORE save hundreds of dollars monthly and prioritize energy efficiency projects in our newest case study--now live on our website.

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