New WegoWise Case Study: New Holland Residences

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New Holland Residences (NHR), a growing New York-based property management company and subsidiary of Sugar Hill Capital Partners, is passionate about elevating the living experience through innovation and sustainability. To stand out in a crowded NYC rental market, NHR is focused on increasing tenant comfort while simultaneously creating value for building owners--two aims the organization supports with building upgrades and retrofits that increase energy efficiency.

We spoke with Juan Herrera, Director of Field Operations at NHR, about how he and his team have used WegoWise to find the buildings in most need of upgrades within their portfolio, reduce overall utility expenditures, and track the success of retrofits. Additionally, the organization uses WegoWise’s automated utility tracking capabilities to save time that would otherwise be wasted on manual data entry and analysis--over 200 hours per year!

Since implementing WegoWise, NHR was able to conserve a whopping 40% in water usage, and reduce overall utility costs by 15% year-over-year.

See our latest case study for more details about how NHR has harnessed the power of automated utility data with WegoWise. It’s now available at!

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