Quick Comparisons of Building Ordinance Policie

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Here at WegoWise, we take utility benchmarking very seriously. So it makes us happy to see that city governments have recently been catching on to the importance of energy benchmarking, with new policies being implemented all over the country that require building owners to report their energy and water use. 

There is no one right way to go about energy benchmarking, so different cities like New York, San Francisco, Austin, and Philadelphia each have their own variation of an energy benchmarking ordinance with different deadlines and standards. All these different policies can get a bit confusing, and it would be nice to be able to quickly compare them to each other (almost like a policy benchmark!). Fortunately, BuildingRating.org has given us just that! 

With their new site redesign, BuildingRating has created a database of benchmarking policies for 8 cities, 2 states, and 33 countries. Using their new, easy-to-use policy comparison tool, you can select the cities, states, or countries and compare various aspects of energy/water benchmarking, disclosure, and reporting policies. 

Compare policies

For example, you can choose to compare New York, Minneapolis, and Seattle, and then select the information you are most interested in such as deadlines, penalties, or building types. BuildingRating then displays this information in a convenient table that makes it easy to digest the different policies. 

Comparing policies on BuildingRating.org

Energy benchmarking is an extremely simple and effective way for cities to improve building efficiency. As more cities begin to implement energy benchmarking policies, BuildingRating's tool will become even more useful. In the meantime, get to know more about what your city is doing to be more efficient. If they aren't doing enough, then take that into consideration for the next election. 

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