The Best Energy Efficiency Blogs

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For Valentine's Day, we're bringing you our picks for the best energy efficiency blogs. Some highlight green living, while others focus on sustainable technology, building energy laws, and state benchmarks. Here are our favorite green blogs that not only share energy-saving tips and give insights for the built environment, but also feature upcoming events, videos, environmental programs, and the latest news in the green energy sector.

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)

ACEEE is a catalyst in the advancement of energy efficiency, with a firm belief that as a country the U.S. has the potential to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. The main features the blog focuses on are industrial policies for businesses and economies, as well as state and national policies that include different scorecards and energy comebacks. The blog also highlights new and improved efficiency programs that are easy to implement. 

Breaking Energy

Offering the latest scoop on innovation and new developments, Breaking Energy has tons of useful information about new technology and careers in the energy efficiency sector. An interesting aspect of this blog are the links and forums on how to secure a job in the energy efficiency sector, including articles about the most efficient companies that are hiring and why careers in energy efficiency are the next big thing.

Energy Manager Today

Interested in the latest webinars and research about energy efficiency? Energy Manager Today is the blog for you! With a focus on onsite energy as well as building new systems and taking on new initiatives to make communities more energy efficient, this blog is a great resource for videos, webinars, and research about keeping our communities greeGreenBiz

Not only does GreenBiz provide news and updates about sustainability and technology, it also integrates the ways in which cities are becoming more sustainable, as well as how the transportation, supply chain, and design industries can benefit from and support sustainability and green energy. Many posts encourage the making of a sustainable supply chain, and designing products that are more environmentally friendly. It also provides insight on events, training sessions, conferences, and expos about sustainability, green energy, and future growth in the clean air industry.

Green Tech Media

Green Tech Media is another great blog for videos, webinars, podcasts, and interactive ways to learn about green energy. From events sponsored and promoted by GTM such as The Solar Summit and Grid Edge Live, to webinars and videos that feature insights about all the latest conferences, including the U.S. Solar Market, Green Tech Media has it all. The blog also highlights analytics and business models of sustainable technology, with a multitude of podcasts featuring everything from understanding the oil price drop to consumer pricing. If you're interested in technology and interactive ways to learn about energy efficiency, this is the blog to check out!

Home Energy Magazine

Home Energy Magazine provides practical information and helpful tips to residents about energy efficiency, performance, comfort, and affordability. With a host of articles featuring steps to make your home more "green," the importance and practicality of making your home energy efficient is stressed. Many posts also emphasize the value in using less energy as well as greener products, and implementing energy-saving practices. If you're looking for easy, effective ways to save energy and improve efficiency in your home - this blog is perfect for you! For those multifamily owners and managers, there's a section for you too. 

National Multihousing Council (NMHC)

We're specifically 'turned on' by green practices in the building environment, and multifamily housing represents an area of enormous opportunity in the clean energy sector. NMHC has the latest scoop on housing policies, properties that are going above and beyond with energy improvements, and the latest research and insights on the housing conditions in the U.S. market. There are also a variety of events and conferences hosted by NMHC each year about property managemenet, green energy, and becoming more energy efficient—so make sure to check out the events page as well!

And our personal favorite—WegoWire!

The WegoWise blog highlights green property management, current events in the energy sector, and alternative energy living. Learn about the latest benchmarking policies, energy disclosure laws and compliance, and WegoWise product updates. WegoWire keeps you updated on our amazing utility tracking and benchmarking tool, plus helps you make your life more energy efficient!

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