WegoWise Celebrates 6 Years of Reducing Energy and Water Use

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This past month, WegoWise celebrated 6 years of improving building efficiency by providing property owners and managers with timely, insightful, and actionable information to save energy, time, and costs.

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For a company that was founded to help people decrease the energy and water used wherever they live and work, we have some pretty large numbers to be proud of! As of today, WegoWise has collected more than 5 million utility bills from over 40,000 buildings. With a dedicated and diverse team of 54 (and counting), we’ve tracked:

And we’re just getting started: did you know that we could eliminate about half of the energy and water consumed in our buildings today through cost-effective measures and behavioral changes? Recently, our Founder and CTO, Barun Singh, discussed his vision to dramatically improve the efficiency of the built environment at the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association’s (NESEA) BuildingEnergy16 conference on March 10th. You can watch his talk on the future of the efficiency industry here:

WegoWise’s technology is helping move the energy efficiency industry forward, and we’re inspired by how our customers use the platform to take control of utility expenses. We’re even more excited to see these numbers grow by enabling even more people to make smarter decisions about how they use energy, water, and invest in buildings.

How did it all begin? Learn more from our latest WegoTalks interview with Founder and CTO, Barun Singh.