WegoWise CEO in the New York Times: "Owners Need to Understand Energy Use in Their Buildings"


This week, WegoWise's CEO, Andrew Chen, was featured in the New York Times's "Room for Debate" section. He was asked to respond to the question: "What's holding back renewable energy?"

In his response, Andrew advocates for better understanding of our energy use in the first place: before building owners make the move to invest in renewable energy, they need to know how much energy their building uses, how much it should be using, and how much is wasted. 

As you know, WegoWise allows building owners and managers to find inefficiencies in their portfolios, cut costs, and reduce energy and water usage. To date, we've analyzed 6 million utility bills and over 42,000 buildings. Armed with this energy data, building owners and their tenants could save $11.6 billion in annual utility costs, the equivalent of taking 7.5 million cars off the road, every year. We're constantly working to improve the efficiency of buildings wherever people live and work. 

Andrew's article emphasizes the role multifamily building owners can play in this move toward a more efficient built environment, and toward the increased usage of renewable energy. 

"Building owners can continue to push the use of renewable energy from something deemed inaccessible, harnessed by few and relegated to the realm of obscure technology, into a part of day-to-day operations wherever people live and work. Understanding and making use of energy data is the key to unlocking a future in which renewable energy is the rule, not the exception."

How are you reducing energy usage, making your buildings more efficient, or harnessing the power of renewables? What's preventing us from making the move to renewables more quickly? 

Read the full op-ed, "To Increase Use of Renewables, Owners Need to Understand Energy Use in Their Buildings", at nytimes.com, then tell us in the comments.


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