What should you do when your energy use spikes

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If you’re a property manager, you know the feeling: you open up an energy bill and break into a cold sweat at the sight of a sky-high number. Your mind races, thinking of any and every possible cause of the spike. Maybe you even have a hunch as to the source of the problem, but how do you know for sure?

If this sounds familiar, you’re certainly not alone: 44% of all WegoWise users see a spike on one of their meters in a typical month. These spikes can be major budget-busters, with water spikes tending to be the most expensive.

Spikes can result from a number of factors, including leaks, billing errors, or subtle changes to a building or equipment, but if you’re still thinking of acting on a hunch to reduce your utility bill, there’s a smarter way to stay on top of spikes and take action.

Our new spike checklist walks you through the list of key questions to ask yourself when you find a spike, plus ways to address a possible mistake in your utility bill, and how to conduct onsite investigation to identify the cause. Find (and destroy) your portfolio’s spikes with this free checklist:

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P.S. Did you know? By tracking energy and water use through WegoWise, you can stay on top of energy spikes to decrease utility costs, increase ROI, and better prioritize energy retrofits.