Women 2.0 Interview WegoWise CEO Laila Partridge

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What led our CEO Laila partridge to become an entrepreneur? Now you can learn how she stays so productive, what advice she gives to other founders, and what resources she’s found helpful in building a company from her interview with Women 2.0, a leading voice for women entrepreneurs in technology.

On becoming an entrepreneur:

"I left a well-paid corporate job to found my first company on an idea. It was exhilarating, intellectually challenging, and deeply humbling.”

On the importance of passion in running a business:

“I have founded or co-founded three companies, all of which built a product, two of which got funded, and one which resulted in a liquidity event…..While I did not found WegoWise, I feel the same kind of ownership and passion for its products that I felt in the companies I started. That passion is what makes me an entrepreneur."

In her interview, “Tech Entrepreneur Fights Climate Change with Innovative Energy Data Platform,” Laila sheds light on how her experience at Intel Capital -- simultaneously sitting in an advisory capacity to both Intel GMs and start-up CEOs -- formed her views on running a technology company.

Laila now leads WegoWise into its exciting next phase of growth.

You can read the full interview, "Tech Entrepreneur Fights Climate Change with Innovative Energy Data Platformat Women.2.0.com.